We know that nowadays is hard to find high quality beats in that overwhelmed industry, here we’ll list the best place where you can listen and download for free the best beats and instrumentals on the internet.

Where to find the best trap beats on the internet?

There are several places where you can download beats for your next album, proyect, EP, mixtape or even for a trap single. Here we will enumerate them and tell you the pros and cons of each one.


1. SoundClick
This one may be the old school choice, you can upload unlimited songs and beats for free from thousands of producers in the Hip Hop scene. Anyway, its popularity is decreasing year over year because of the website administrators used to don’t take advantage of new technologies.

2. BeatStars
It’s the most complete beat-selling website on the internet. The most popular, the most powerful and sadly the most overwhelmed one. If you’re a newbie or a rookie producer you may think it’s really hard to outstand on the platform, but its staff is always looking for high quality beats and is use to promote them for free by adding producers beats to their playlist. The biggest beats and instrumentals collection is on BeatStars, period.


3. AirBit
They were used to be MyFlashStore in the past, and over the years they adapted a of tools for being used on SoundClick. Anyway with the rise of BeatStars and the fall of SoundClick as being the trend for up and coming producers they started looking a bit old. Thanks god they’ve released their INFINITY player which is pretty similar to the BeatStars ProPage. No doubt it was a smart movement, they have a SOLID user base and thousands of beats available to download for free.

4. YouTube
Here’s the wife of Google, I mean, the daughter or something like since there’s a clear recurring pattern when you look for beats at Google, all the first positions are YouTube results. It’s overwhelmed at its max and really hard to outstand, but it’s still a place to look since everyone is uploading his beats on there so don’t sleep on this one.


5. TrakTrain
I’ve never get how it works since it looks pretty simple, I’m sure their developers are using the KISS rule (Keep It Stupid Simple) to ease the download and purchase process, but it looks weird at a first look. It’s an invitation only platform so if you want to join you have to know someone else that could invite you to sell your beats. There’s a lot of beats and instrumentals uploaded so it may be interesting if you’re looking for new beats.

6. TrapBeats.us
The trapbeats.us website is a website that’s runned by a team of producers that upload their best stuff. Almost any beat they upload is a jewel. The catalog is pretty small at this time compared to the whole catalog of the websites mentioned above, but the quality is pretty high. Check them out if you want to listen to the best of the best.


7. ShadowVille
The old-school community of the beats and instrumentals is here. Here you’ll find a lot of beats and producers that made a name like 10/12 years ago and that uploaded jewels at that time. It was born in the same time as SoundClick, maybe a few years later, and the website looks a bit outdated too, anyway there’s a lot of bangers on there so I’m sure you’d like to take a listen.

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